Astrocosmology is


(We will give an Extremely brief overview here, so that it is Immediately applicable to everyone, as this Full topic would require multiple books and several years of study to actually explain and completely describe) 


Astro-cosmology pertains to the entire collective dynamic and can be applied on any realm from collective through to personal levels.










Summary; ‘ASTRO-COSMOLOGY’ Holistically Addresses Personal through to COLLECTIVE ‘Dyna-mix’ in All Realms of Life.
Thus is Applicable to Absolutely Any Realm of Ones life, that One Chooses to Focus on.
Thus Anything can then be specifically focused on and applied.

(More info in other sections of this site etc, as again We gave an Extremely brief overview here, so that it is Immediately applicable to everyone, as this Full topic would require multiple books and several years of study to actually explain and completely describe)

Astrocosmology readings are …

Benefits of an Astrocosmological Life flow path reading and Consultation.

Primarily, such profoundly deep all encompassing holistic all realm awareness can improve ones life 100%, more commonly is about 80%. An done must apply the awareness in order to experience, however one must be aware of it to align with it. Everything starts with potential, then requires awareness, which then requires application persistence and and consistent growth.This is achieved 1st of all  through the awareness of overall personal well being within the collective and environments. Transcending conditioning and accordingly therefor inauthentic expressions etc.

Applying our full potential In profoundly Empowering multidimensional ways, by tuning into multiple levels And frequency bands of causality, by becoming more conscious of them in order to More consciously and effectively and with a full range spectrum Awareness, to apply them.


-To begin, Let’s look at ;

why we Get a life flow path reading;
For maximizing and applying our Highest potential, through multidimensional awareness raising. By tuning into super-conscious multi-frequency band’s of holistic holographic causality’.

Expanding our awareness profoundly can Change our perspective profoundly. Changing our perspective can change our experience of life in an instant. A reading takes place at once and encompasses all time and space relative to the depth navigated. And deep processing and application of the awareness follows accordingly.

When one is in High level alignment with ones spiritual path-ways, ones life flows grace-fully accordingly. One feels happy, healthy and satisfied etc accordingly. In contrast the less one is in alignment with ones spiritual pathways, the more resistance and frustration one may experience. This is due to resonance, and relative to the degree of which one is in alignment with ones true or greatest pathways, which I term life flow paths.

This is well described in the quote ”When doors open you know you are accordingly in ‘align-meant’, when they close you know you, or circumstances, (such as who or where you’re trying to do it with), are accordingly out of ‘align-meant”. And some-times that is simply timing or circumstantial.

These are the types of things we will address in a full Reading (Which are customizable accordingly);

-Profoundly and deeply understand, and therefore be able to Profoundly and deeply more enabled to fully apply your ‘Most important and empowering trajectories, talents, Lessons, etc and apply your greatest gifts’ profoundly. This is where life opens up to us accordingly and we flow gracefully, happily, and supports overall well-being.  When we open up to life, and awareness, then life and awareness open up to us.

It is comparable to a relationship with a person; when it is working out well we enjoy the relationship, through the entire spectrum to when it is not working out well and we do not enjoy the relationship. As far as spiritual alignment goes, we are talking about enjoying our relationship with our Spirit, which is adamant that we are in alignment with our ‘Greater spiritual missions’ here, in a body on Earth. And as we all know this does not mean that we should absolutely be happy or it would mean that one is out of alignment, as challenges are what make us grow.

This is a core root of what is addressed with extreme importance; to discern the differences between parts of our lives that may seem in or out of alignment but actually are or aren’t, and vice versa, and to the degree between (Most things come across/express as a ratio between extremes, in other words one may not be absolutely satisfied or absolutely unsatisfied, so we are looking at maximizing our life flow path navigation and alignment and application for manifestation).

(*******Readings, what are they and what they offer)
By dialing into our own ideal flow paths, and applying that awareness, we accordingly minimize resistance, friction and therefore lost potential or suffering, and maximize overall well being, success and joy.

life flow path readings, are for; expanding our view of our place in the world, and our connection with the universe, by tuning into our most authentic self, that which is the most aligned, balancing our spiritual aspirations, charges, and Dharma etc. This awakening of the deep level spiritual authentic self in our awareness is phenomenally inspiring, motivating, and the most likely to afford the awareness to be holistically successful and thus serves overall well being.

This catalyzes phenomenal healing and success, according to ones application of what we ‘dial into’ or become more conscious of.

Life flow path readings utilize multiple metaphysical reference points to navigate and determine the maximum flow paths in one’s life. Giving one understanding on multidimensional levels of ones highest potentials, trajectories and life flow path directions, and therefore the phenomenally deep ability to apply it, and manifest success accordingly.

Overall success is overall well-being which, requires a multi-faceted multi-referential status, which I called multiple metaphysical reference points, tuning into the central one, the core root causal.

Its like learning ones ‘language’ at high speed, to understand to master that unique divine language, and how to truly master it, even if one thinks they already have. It’s like opening a treasure box of infinite potentialities. ‘Follow the rainbow to the pot of gold at the full-fill-meant of the journey, which is an exciting and deeply inspiring thrill all the way there’. 1st we see and hear the possibilities, then we go about the journey to receive the blessings fully, according to ones perseverance and application etc.

It’s always been the most completely consistent, infinitely boundlessly all-encompassing, holistic, empowering instrument I’ve ever witnessed and experienced, for anyone to get a lifelong personal life flow path reading or relationship reading, and to navigate, the year ahead and/or longer-term ‘growth processes’. Which is exemplary of a suggested holistic deeply established root reading model.

When I say “what shall love, and overall well-being do through me, with me as we now”, this is what an Astrocosmology based life flow path reading will give us insight to apply it. Astrocosmology gives us all the tools we need to what will service the most for ourselves, from within.

The best teacher or teaching, leads one to find it within themselves, and Astrocosmology itself is the best teaching I have ever experienced, it is teaching me and those I share it with consistently. I am simply sharing what I am being shown. And it is for each of us to actualize what we are becoming aware of in the most beneficial ways. This is constantly affirmed by people who have received these readings. As well as listeners to my presently 17 year running (since 1999) live weekly astroclimatological vibrational natural cycle growth pattern dynamix process reports etc.

When we make the unconscious more conscious, we are accordingly empowered. Most if not all blocks or self sabotaging stem from the ‘nebulous’ unconscious. When we become conscious of them, accept and acknowledge them, not only do they lose their power to sway us, we can actually redirect that energy and turn it back into useful energy to achieve our goals by realigning, and adjusting through to reversing any misdirected energy or potential, that many call hurdles through to ‘blocks’.

Hence life flow path readings ; grow with the flow, minimize needless frustrating resisting, follow the slipstreams which are unique to yourself, and at different times.

Quite often what stops people or slows them down is things they don’t know why such things exist , or that they even are there, or just plain self doubt, or merely thinking they exist sop they might therfor as well be… addressing these things affords the ability to transcend them.

Astro-cosmology readings give us insight into the realms of the superconscious causal. Some things we may have be-come conscious of, but still don’t understand enough yet to really apply the potential, and other things we may not even be conscious of, which sometimes can leave us very confused. (Unconscious motivations/charges etc.) when they are unconscious, we explained unintentional unconscious self sabotages etc.

When we are willing to address unresolved aspects of ourselves and choosing more beneficial constructive modes than our previous ‘unconscious’ or conscious patterning, we accordingly evolve into higher consciousness, potentiality, and modalities.
Our spiritual evolution and success take quantum leaps accordingly to our application of what we dial into

This is most easily done when we understand unconscious charges and thus re-activities and motivations.

This helps us to experience far greater overall well-being and self acceptance as well as acceptance of others, or the present Astro climate. It also affords the application of alignment for applying what is required to have the overall most beneficial empowering outcomes.

It enables us the ability to see and accept ourselves as the multidimensional multifaceted incredible creators that we are accordingly giving us awareness of the meaning and purpose in our life, and therefore the motivation and awareness to apply it and build it, as well as to recognize what is already there.

Most people are seeking love, joy, and overall well-being, at the root of whatever they’re doing. If people aren’t, it is quite often because they don’t understand their blocks, or how to achieve such things in this world, in their immediate environment , in their body, and in their relationships etc.

When we recognize our challenges and our strengths, on a conscious level, with acceptance and understanding, we can go beyond judgment of it or ourselves, accept it, and transcend it. When we identify limiting yourselves sabotaging patterns, and bring the light of understanding into the patterns of our life, our development, and recognize these patterns, or charges, that are the root of motivation through the spectrum to lack of motivation, we are phenomenally empowered.

When we recognize the skills and abilities that we have brought with us, or are here to polish up, we deeply see our potential, inclinations, possibilities, likelnesses, tendencies, etc. and we can overcome struggling, or any futile resistance which causes friction and suffering accordingly.

Resisting the detrimental and empowering the beneficial

Astrocosmology allows us to determine our best career or vocational aptitude

—-Transits / progressions
Sometimes these are short-term or present yet passing phases that we need to be aware of.
You give me very extremely helpful to recognize the phase will last a long time or a short time.
Our attitude, responses and charges have an incredible amount to do with our likely actions and outcomes. If we have unconscious sabotaging energies we really need to know about it before we keep ‘beating ourselves against a brick wall’, thinking we can’t do anything about something is just like that brick wall.

We can look at the year or years ahead

We can see how living in different places affects how we are being

Timing is a very huge part of Astrocosmology as well

Once we are as clear as possible on our highest flow paths, then it is largely about timing and application, letting go of detrimental patterning that are holding us back or slowing us down accordingly, and integrating and empowering modalities that are lifting us up in the direction we want to go

At every moment that you think of it ask yourself, is what I’m doing right now taking me in the direction I want to go? What would be more beneficial? It could be anywhere from the small adjustment through the spectrum to full course correction, the only way to know is to dial in

Relationship dynamics/Harmonix
Relationship compatibility is also phenomenally empowering, because understanding others can be infinitely more confusing than understanding ourselves, because they too also have unconscious conditioning and things they don’t think they’re doing or I’m saying etc. also charges that you have between you. Any interactions in the universe create a third-party of interaction between parties. This is called a relationship harmonics.

Its like learning someones ‘language’ at high speed, essential in intimate relation-ships, could make or break in the early days

These things are all very true with the present Astro climate weather, however if we don’t understand the boat we have in the present ocean currents, it may be incredibly vagu what to do with and of as we are part of it.


Recognizing that we are nature, and our individual nature, within natures complexities and ‘diverse-cities’, accordingly allows us to ride the slipstreams of the causal planes and natural cycles thereof, including natural laws, and of course maximizing our potential and overall holistic success, and results largely are according to awareness and application. However also, becoming conscious of things one wasn’t as conscious of, to a large extent affords subconsciously moving in those directions and away from less beneficial trajectories, poor habits, the outmoded etc.

Maximizing the beneficial and minimizing the detrimental through multiple metaphysical reference points for deep causality level awareness and application.

Astro cosmology readings are a philosopher’s stone, ‘take your wizard wand, and your wings, and fly far freely accordingly ‘.


-‘What makes you who you are’. Inspire and awaken your authentic self and gain an expanded view of your place in the world.
-Deepen your connection to the Universe. Experience greater well being and self acceptance.
Enable the ability to see & accept yourself as a multifaceted person, with meaning and purpose to your life • Find out what your karmic influences are and receive insight into your deepest psychological challenges. Allow yourself clarity of essence beneath the stories, dramas, and tribulations of your life. Identify limiting or self sabotaging patterns • Illuminate patterns of life development, expose the patterns beneath a particular experience or phase of your life. Determining your life path, purpose and/or direction • Understand the cycles of your life so that you can prepare for periods of crisis and/or opportunity • Knowing the skill and abilities that you brought with you into this lifetime allows you

Astroclimatology Reports

Astro-climatology Reports are for; making phenomenally empowered macro level, tactful, wise choices in our lives…

Largely by navigating what ‘life genres’ etc are cyclically shifting from emphasized through to de-emphasized levels in the macro field plane conditions we are are working with in and of, or aetherically speaking, ‘the Universal water Aetheric/Spirit conditions we are ‘soaking in’.
For instance , when people say things like ‘Im having a phenomenal day, it’s been non stop’ or ‘I’m having a horrible day, its been non stop’ etc, this is due mainly due to conditions they are not but could be aware of through Astroclimatology.

Imagine the difference in one’s life with phenomenally deep awareness  in advance for planning tactful timing! Such as when one is  aware of what  things are going extremely well through to not… be it certain days ,weeks, months or years, as any dynamic can last varying amounts of time with varying degrees of intensity, 

And these dynamics can last anywhere from years to months to weeks, to days, to hrs, to seconds, to micro seconds! (however very short ones are not of much use to navigate unless they are massive in power but brief)

Also each of us responds accordingly uniquely to any influence due to ones own vibrational stances at the time collective frequency shifts occur. This is where Astro-cosmologically based personal life flow path readings are of paramount importance. (For more on this see the link under the same title on this sites main  page)

”The best examples are experience”, so we suggest listening to the most recent of 16 consecutive year running (since 1999) free weekly Astro-climatology report podcasts, available at the site link below.
*For those interested in a ‘101’ rundown on the subject, there is a description following the links below, and there are other pages on this site that address unique forms of Astro-Cosmology. (The info below is titled ; *What  Astro-Cosmology is, and what Astroclimatology Reports are ;

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*What  Astro-Cosmology is, and what Astroclimatology Reports are



Astro-Cosmology navigates the causal planes, for conscious comprehension and application in the physical world, which boils down to our personal lives.

It is truly extremely in depth so we will keep this description as basic and applicable to the reader as possible.

Astro-climatology is ; basically a navigation of natural cyclic patterns of macro level causality planes to apply phenomenally Deep level awareness  in our lives.

Astro-climatology navigates multi frequency bands and octaves of energy, frequency and vibration, that are on the upper causal or primordial levels of causality.

Extremely long story extremely short, It is for making choices with awareness of factors of  Conditions of causality that are on multiple frequencies and octaves that extend from just above through to infinitely above and beyond the frequency band and octave of ‘the physical world’ inclusive of the five senses.

Astro-climatology is ‘like cosmic Multi Realm causality radar’, it gives us a roadmap of the conditions we are working in, yet on levels of multiple octaves of causality.

For instance the five senses only perceive accordingly within one octave, out of multiple octaves of causality. Therefore we are having insight into the nature of reality that we are making choices within that are undetectable by the five senses alone. Which is primarily why some people who require visible proof, ‘don’t believe in it’. However oh yet but is there one could possibly require is Completely obtainable, in fact it’s already extremely well documented, and one of the oldest known sciences.

Astro-climatology is akin to Planetary weather reports in the sense of maximizing our planning, timing and tact etc, by having long range forecasts of natural macro conditions. However we are not just navigating weather conditions, we are navigating ALL conditions, which of course includes the weather, however we will rarely address that unless it is a threat etc. And free will is one of the conditions that Astro-climatology is most wisely utilized for. Such as wise choices within macro level awareness of conditions that we are working with, in and of.


The Divine Hologram.
The nature of reality is holographic. Everything is interconnected. And because there is actually no empty space, Information and Energy, express as vibration. And vibration on a macro field level is the overall macro level conditional dynamics within which one is working with, in, and of. All matter and experiences Within the holographic field are expressions of the fields present potentials, and is thus entrained by Cymatic Conditions.

Cymatics Is the study of how ‘anything’ is affected by its Energetic and vibration-all, macro level, environmental conditions. For example the way that very loud music would affect someone in what they’re doing and it. Macro field  level Cymatics therefore is affecting absolutely every single thing on this planet, and infinitely more than anything else.

Therefore Astro-cosmology is absolutely the most important thing that someone could possibly be aware of, because it is the root cause of everything, and the most obscured by the five senses  as it is beyond their frequency band or detectability realm.

Astro cosmology navigates the causal planes, for conscious comprehension and application in the physical world, which boils down to our personal lives.


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